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Test Catalog - M 

Mag Auto Antibody
Magnesium RBC
Malaria Smear
Mam 6 Meconium
Mam 6 Urine
Manganese Urine Timed
Mantle Cell Lymphoma Panel - See FISH CCND1/IgH Fusion
Marijuana Confirmation - see Cannabinoids Confirmation
Marijuana Screen - see Cannabinoids Screen
Materni T21 Plus--See Panorama Prenatal Test
MDS FISH Panel-Blood
MDS FISH Panel-Bone Marrow
Mebaral - see Mephobarbital
Meconium - see Drug Screen Meconium
MDM2 by Immunohistochemistry-
MDM2 Gene Amplification by FISH-
Mephobarbital + Phenobarbital Serum
Meprobamate Level
Mercury Blood
Mercury Urine
Metabolic Quantitation Urine - see Aminio Acid Quan Urine
Metabolism Screen Urine
Metanephrines Fractionated 24 hr Urine
Metanephrines Random Urine
Methadone Urine Confirmation
Methadone Urine Screen- test available at St Clare only
Methaqualone Quantitative Blood
Methaqualone Urine
Methotrexate (STAT to UW Hospital)
Methotrexate Level (Mayo)
Methsuximide Level
Methylenetetrahyrdofolate Reductase
Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) Quant Serum
Methylphenidate Urine
Metyrapone Response
Mexiletine Level
Mexitil - see Mexiletine
MG - see Magnesium
MGMT Assay Panel
Microalbumin Urine Timed
Microalbumin Urine Random
Microsatellite Instability
Microsomal AB Liver Kidney
Microsomal AB Thyroid Peroxidase - see Thyroid Peroxidase AB
Microsporida PCR
Milk Allergen
Miltown - see Meprobamate
Mismatch Repair by Immunohistochemistry- for non colon cancer
Mismatch Repair by IHC with Reflex - for colon cancer
Mitochondrial AB Screen
Mixing Study
Monilia - see Culture Fungus
Mononucleosis Screen
Monospot - see Mononucleosis Screen
Morphine Unconjugated Serum
Motor Neuropathy Panel
MSH2 Mutation Screen
Mucin Clot
Multiple Myeloma Panel-See FISH Multiple Myeloma Panel
Multiple Sclerosis Panel (Profile)
Mumps AB IgG
Mumps AB IgM
Mumps Antibody IgG IgM Panel
Mumps IgG Immune Status - see Mumps AB IgG
Musk Antibody
Myasthenia Gravis Adult (Mayo)
Myasthenia Gravis Panel 2
Myasthenia Gravis Thymoma -(MAYO)
MYC (8q24) Gene Rearrangement by FISH
Mycobacteria - see Culture AFB
Mycobacteria By PCR (Lower Respiratory Tract)
Mycophenolic Acid
Mycoplasma DNA PCR (pneumoniae) ARUP
Mycoplasma hominins culture
Mycoplasma Hominis PCR Mayo
Mycoplasma Pneumo AB IgG
Mycoplasma Pneumo AB IgM
Mycoplasma Pneumo Ab IgG and IgM Panel
Myelin Basic Protein
Myeloma Panel
Myeloperoxidase AB
Myoglobin Quan Urine
Myositis Antibody Panel Comprehensive
Mysoline - see Primidone


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