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Physician Focus Winter 2011 


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'Changing of Guard' is Too Mundane to Describe Important Work of Leaders
Epic Strides in Electronic Health Record
What Works? What Doesn't? Take Satisfaction Survey!
Pharmacy Technology Will Optimize Processes
Hand Hygiene Improvement Project in Full Swing
Physician Profile: Brian Stafeil
Improving Patient-Provider Communication in Any Language
Will You Make a Good IRB Member?
New faces on the Medical Staff
In Memory
Honors and Recognitions

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2010 Progress Report
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'Changing of Guard' is Too Mundane to Describe Important Work of Leaders 

Most years begin with a change in Medical Staff leadership, but this one is markedly different. We are not only welcoming a new Chief of Staff, we are ushering in a more inclusive and dynamic structure for physician engagement at St Mary’s Hospital.

In an overwhelmingly positive vote you have revised our medical staff bylaws, approved by the SSM-WI board of directors on February 9, 2011, to activate our redesigned physician leadership structure. Sixteen physicians have applied for the eight Medical Staff Director positions and most have completed an extensive interview process. A group of eleven physicians and four of our administrative leadership team will serve on a selection advisory committee and the final selection of these eight new leaders will occur in early March.

Dr. Brian Bachhuber steps up to the role of Chief of Staff on March 1, Dr. Deb Turski steps into the role of Vice Chief of Staff and Dr. Paul Wertsch, the Secretary/Treasurer. Please join me in welcoming them as your elected officers of the Medical Staff. See below for photos.

I recently sent a progress report to you describing some of our key results for 2010 and setting the stage for what’s to come in 2011. Our new physician leadership team will be focused on leading our effort to continually improve our clinical outcomes, the experience of our patients and the efficiency of our operations. Clearly, health care reform will bring great changes to our work in the years ahead but our Medical Staff, fully engaged with St. Mary’s Hospital will allow us to be a leader of change rather than a follower.

By April we will receive the keys to our new physician resource center on A South – can’t thank the Foundation enough for their generous support. This will become a central location for physicians and finally provide a place to meet, share a few stories and a cup of joe. Dr. Lori Wendricks, Dr. Linda Siewert and others have done a great job as our medical staff design consultants; should you need home design tips I am sure their rates are negotiable!

Within the next month or two we will also launch our St Mary’s Medical Staff website to make access to information easier and to allow another way for you to provide feedback to the Medical Staff Leadership, the Administration and the Medical Staff office. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

John Butler, MD
VP/Medical Affairs

Dr. Brian Bachuber               Dr. Deb Turski                        Dr. Paul Wertsch

Epic Strides in Electronic Health Record
St. Mary’s continues to advance the usage of the electronic health record (EHR) to better serve physicians and patients. Here’s a sampling:

St. Mary's cardiac cath labs are now successfully documenting within Epic during the actual procedure. This is one more step in the process of completing all documentation within the EHR.

Several pilots are taking place within St. Mary's Hospital:

  • One pilot is evaluating the use of texting to notify the hospitalists of non-urgent patient needs to limit unnecessary interruption of care being provided to other patients.
  • Family Practice Residents are using a new report to organize important patient information during handoffs between shifts.
  • A third pilot involves changes in problem list functionality. The goal is to make it more efficient to add problems to the problem list. Having an accurate hospital problem list is critical to improving decision support and our quality performance metrics.
You will hear more as soon as we are able to make such enhancements available to others.

Stoughton Hospital on February 1, 2011, had a very successful Epic go live and is now fully integrated with St. Mary's Hospital and Dean Clinic. This will allow more complete access to patient information and better care for our patients.

Reminder about protecting confidentiality: Patient confidentiality requires that patient-specific information be transmitted only in an encrypted format. This includes sending patient-specific information by texting or e-mail. In addition, patient-specific information should never be stored on personal computers or portable storage devices unless it is encrypted.

Jim Porter, MD
Medical Informatics Director

What Works? What Doesn’t? Take Satisfaction Survey!
St. Mary's is conducting a physician satisfaction survey. If you received an invitation letter from HealthStream Research Inc., please complete the paper questionnaire or complete your survey online by clicking here: http://www.healthstreamsurveys.com. The survey period ends April 6. Thank you for your valuable input. If you have questions regarding the survey, please contact Sara Sievers at 259-5380.

Pharmacy Technology Will Optimize Processes
A new medication dispensing unit will debut with St. Mary’s newly remodeled central pharmacy in April. The unit interfaces with Epic to receive physician orders, prioritize them and accurately dispense meds while maintaining real-time inventory, improving efficiency and safeguarding patients. Read more in the Pharmacy newsletter.

Hand Hygiene Improvement Project in Full Swing
A housewide effort to improve hand hygiene before and after patient contact kicked off Jan. 3 after successful pilots showing dramatic improvements on CVICU (2E) and the CCU (5E). The goal for all physicians, staff and volunteers who have patient contact is 100 percent in the name of patient safety.


Physician Spotlight: Brian Stafeil

Dr. Brian Stafeil (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) is one of the newest additions to St. Mary’s medical staff, and, at age 34, one of the youngest. But his experience with the Dean & St. Mary’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine program goes back more than three decades.

My secret to decades of experience with Maternal-Fetal Medicine while staying so young:
I was born 10 weeks early and was transferred to St. Mary's, where I was in the NICU. It's exciting to be involved in taking care of high-risk obstetrical patients after having been a patient here myself 34 years ago.

My professional route:
I graduated from Medical College of Wisconsin, where I also did my OB/GYN residency. I then received a fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Chicago’s Loyola University. There, I also earned a master’s of science degree in clinical research methods at the same time. Eight months ago, I joined Dean Clinic’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic (formerly known as the Perinatology Clinic), headquartered at St. Mary’s.

A sampling of honors and awards:
William C. Fetherson Award for Leadership in Residency 2007
Best Resident Teacher Award 2006
Berlex Best Teaching Resident Award 2005

Favorite pastimes:
I really enjoy working with Family Medicine residents and OB/GYN residents and I enjoy teaching. I stay physically fit through weightlifting and running. I also enjoy spending time with my family and reading historical novels and literature.

Special thanks go to Dr. Susan Davidson, who has been excellent to work with. She is an outstanding individual and has helped me tremendously in adjusting to practice after fellowship. She had built a very strong Maternal-Fetal Medicine program and has been recognized as a Champion of Women’s Health for her work. I feel very privileged to take care of high-risk obstetrical patients with her.

Improving Patient-Provider Communication in Any Language
OB/GYNs made great improvements in assuring patient communication needs are met and in documenting interpreter services use.

A huge "GRACIAS" goes to the OB/GYN group that worked with Interpreter Services on a recent pilot.

Pilot Goal: Improve interpreter services utilization and documentation for patients admitted to Family Care Suites that require interpreter services. Results:

Pre-pilot (November 2010): Interpreter utilization rate of 37% Documentation rate of 14%
Post Pilot (January 2011): Interpreter utilization rate increased to 61% Documentation rate increased to 57%

How this affects you:
Our work, and the new Joint Commission requirements prompting these changes, now extends to all physician groups. We know that providing an interpreter for our patients with limited English proficiency is the right thing to do for patient safety, and documenting that we are doing so assures that we are complying with multiple laws and regulations including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act. Additionally, Joint Commission’s 2011 new and revised standards for advancing effective communication, cultural-competence, and patient- family-centered care put a new emphasis on the importance of both using an interpreter when indicated in the EHR and documenting the good work that we are doing.

Available resources to help meet patients’ communication needs:
To request an interpreter in any language, dial "0". Monday – Friday from 7am – 9pm, Spanish interpreters are in-house and just a phone call away. After hours, weekends and holidays, Spanish interpreters are on-call. We also have contract interpreters available for many different languages. Please remember that not all contractors have unlimited availability or live locally. If you are able to anticipate your patients’ needs, and your rounding schedule, requesting an interpreter in advance is helpful in assuring interpreter availability. When an interpreter is not available, for all spoken languages, the telephonic interpreter is an acceptable backup. The average connect time to a telephonic interpreter is less than 30 seconds.

After working with an interpreter, please be sure to document in your progress note that an interpreter was used. Several improvements made for the Family Care Suites pilot project are now in place hospital-wide to assist you with documentation of interpreter services.
  • dot phrase ".interp"has been developed.
  • A new Best Practice Alert should appear as a reminder to use interpreter services when the need has been identified in the EHR.
  • Staff Spanish interpreters have begun providing documentation reminders when working with all physicians.
  • Thank you, in advance, for your efforts and collaboration. If you have questions or additional suggestions for improvement, please contact Anne Plesh, St. Mary's Interpreter Services Supervisor, at 608-258-5666 or via email at anne_louise_plesh@ssmhc.com.

    ***The new and revised Joint Commission standards can be found in their entirety at: http://www.jointcommission.org/assets/1/6/ARoadmapforHospitalsfinalversion727.pdf


Would You Make a Good IRB Member?
St. Mary’s Institutional Review Board is recruiting one new member after a recent retirement. A physician from Family Medicine or Internal Medicine is preferable. For further details, please call Chairperson Sue Engelbaugh at 446-6016 or Lorraine Soltis at x6732.

New faces on the Medical Staff – Click Here


In Memory
Mark A. Hansen, a Family Medicine physician at Dean Clinic since 1987, passed away in December. He had recently been honored by a patient for his care and compassion when St. Mary’s Foundation recognized him as a Guardian Angel. In addition to his professional love of medicine, he had a passion for fitness, volunteering his medical services to local athletic programs and the Special Olympics.



Honors and Recognitions

Congratulations are in order for institutional successes and for our colleagues who go above and beyond the duty of their day (or night) jobs.

Dr. Dan Barry (Family Practice) retired Dec. 31 after 32 years at Wildwood Clinic. He first came to St. Mary’s as a resident from 1973 to 1976, and received his first appointment to the medical staff in 1977.

Dr. John A. Vukich (Ophthalmology) is listed as one of the 34 Best Ophthalmologists in America, according to Becker's ASC Review , a national publication offering guidance regarding ambulatory surgery centers. Dr. Vukich, who specializes in cataract laser and refractive surgery, is the only ophthalmologist from Wisconsin to make the list.

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