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In a Patient's Shoes 
I am currently a nurse at St. Mary's in which I have worked at for almost 4 years now. It is a great place to work as a nurse, but recently I got to see the other side — being cared for as a patient. I was having severe lower back pain at work all night. I thought nothing off it so I took some Tylenol and kept on with my shift. At the end of my shift the pain had gotten so severe I couldn't even sit. I talked with my co-workers and we all decided that I should go to the ER just to get looked at.

It was very busy in the waiting room and I felt that I shouldn't of been there because there were people there that were probably sicker then me. I walked up to the desk and the women smiled at me and asked what she could do for me. I told her my symptoms and she sat me down to ask me more questions. Before I knew it I had a patient bracelet on to be seen. I watched the other people in the waiting room as they waited. As a nurse I am very observant, it just comes with the job. I looked to my right and seen a woman shivering. I looked back at the woman at the desk check in area and before I knew it she attended to this woman with a warm blanket. The woman shivering was now able to wait while being comfortable. My turn came around to see the doctor and I have to admit I was a little nervous. I thought to myself, "Come on Andrea, you’re a nurse you shouldn't be scared!"

I was greeted by a smiling nurse who took me back to ask me questions. Even though I knew they were busy she didn't seem in a rush at all. I felt like I was her only patient. As the doctor entered I felt as ease. He looked at me and asked if he could examine my back. He first asked if I was comfortable in the position I was sitting in. He examined my back and to my surprise I had a pilonidal cyst. He turned me around and explained everything. Within minutes I had a diagnosis and a script for some meds. I also had a surgical consult. I left the ER that night not only as a nurse but as a patient.

They listened to me, took their time, and treated me with the most important thing, respect. As I walked to my car I looked back at the hospital and smiled and said to myself, "I am so proud I work there."

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