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Unexpected Miracle 
At the age of 39, expecting my first baby was a miracle in itself.  I had waited many years for this blessing.  Being an OBGYN Nurse and Lactation Consultant myself, I thought I knew what to expect and thought we were well prepared.   

We had planned on delivering at the hospital I worked  - but someone had a different plan for us.  At 34 weeks gestation, I was transferred to St. Mary's with severe preeclampsia.  When I arrived, my labor nurse (Kellie) was amazing.  She knew how frantic and worried I was but she was calm and collective (a blessing from God!).   Our little angel was ready for delivery so we had a CSXN that next morning.   4#11oz , we had our beautiful baby girl! Although she did amazingly well, she had to go to the NICU to spend some time. 

Being a first time mom, I wanted to capture every second with her - and that is what your staff helped me to do (despite the circumstances).  The nursing staff on the postpartum unit was absolutely wonderful.  They were so understanding and caring - they knew exactly what I needed when I didn't even realize it.  Ellen, Rina, Katie, Stacey, Amanda - amazing RNs!  And the NICU staff - I can't begin to explain how thankful we were for each of them.  Holly, Mary, Terri, Patti, Julie, Erin - the blessings from God.  That not only took excellent care of Emma, they made sure that both my husband and I were well cared for also.  They listened to me even when I didn't make any sense, they hugged me when I was scared, and they supported me when I needed support.  Although I was discharged two days prior to my daughter, they found a space for me to stay with my new baby until it was time for her to go home with me.  I just can't say enough about how wonderful they were. And not to forget about the Lactation staff - what a wonderful program.  Please keep up the good work!

Although the experience was nothing like I had expected it to be, it was perfect  - just like Emma!

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