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Patient Stories - One Down, One to Go! 

After years of suffering from severe arthritis and hip pain, I was finally recommended at the young age of 27 to have both of my hips replaced as a result of a developmental dysplasia of my pelvis/hip joints. Extremely anxious about the surgery, St Mary's Hospital and their staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and reassure me that they would do everything they could to ensure that I would remain comfortable throughout my stay. As my first major surgery, I was extremely apprehensive about having this surgery, and didn't know what to expect despite the months of research I had done about the procedure, as each hospital operates in a different way. My pre-op nurse was VERY attentive to these concerns and took the time to reassure me that I was not the only one to feel this way, and walked me through, step-by-step the entire process I was about to endure. She respected my privacy by asking that all family members wait outside, while we chatted, to ensure that I would ask questions, uninhibited, to ensure I had the most relevant and important information to feel more comfortable. This took the pressure of me asking that my loved ones wait outside. What a great tactic!

The next team of people I saw was that of the pre-op nurses. These people are AMAZING. They had me laughing to relax me, and made me feel absolutely comfortable in asking for anything I wanted to feel more comfortable. They were very attentive in making sure I knew what was going to happen to me, before it happened, and ensured that I was ok with it all. I was VERY appreciative of the detailed concern by my nursing staff and anesthesiologist, as anxiety tends to magnify my asthma issues I occasionally suffer from. They were all very good at understanding and sharing my concern with this.

After surgery, of what I can remember, my nursing staff, doctors, PA's and even CNA's were all very kind and polite and did a fantastic job of being quick to jump on my needs, and slow to leave my room, ensuring I had anything I needed, whenever I needed it, day or night. I thank these kind people from the bottom of my heart, for understanding that the care they gave me, ensured that I am willing to have my next surgery, as planned, to fix my other hip joint, knowing that I'm going to have complete and confident care during the entire process, as I did approximately 2 months ago. Thank you St Mary's and staff for your great care! I would recommend you to anyone, and cannot WAIT for the Janesville, WI hospital to be built and open!

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