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Test Catalog - R 


RA Screen Fluid - see Rheumatoid Factor Scn Fld
Rabies AB Immune Status
RAS/RAF Targeted Gene Panel by Next Generation Sequencing, Tumor
Raji Cell Immune Complex Assay
Rapid Plasma Reagin - see RPR
Rapid Strep Group A
RBC Folate
RBC Fragility - see Osmotic Fragility RBC
RBC Morphology
Reducing Substance Feces
Reducing Substance Urine
Renal Biopsy
Renal Function Panel
Respiratory Viral DFA tests with reflexes - Retired 08.11.2014
Respiratory Panel by PCR
Retic Count
Retinol Binding Protein
Retinol - see Vitamin A
Reverse T3
RFP (Renal Function Panel) - see Renal Function Panel
Rheumatoid Factor Scn Fld
Rheumatoid Factor Quantitative
Rickettsia IgG + IgM Panel - RETIRED; See Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever Ab Panel (R.rickettsii)   
                                                          and Typhus Ab IgG/IgM Panel (R.typhi)
Rickettsia rickettsii Ab, IgG and IgM by IFA
Rickettsia typhi Ab, IgG and IgM by IFA
Risperal - see Risperidone
Ristocetin Cofactor - see Factor VIII Ristocetin Cofact
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Ab Panel
Rotavirus AG
RSV Rapid Antigen - St. Clare only 
Rubella AB IgG
Rubella Immune Status - see Rubella AB IgG
Rubeola AB IgG
Rubeola AB IgM
Rubeola Immune Status - see Rubeola AB IgG


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