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Test Catalog - P 

P Substance
Pain Clinic Survey Urine
Pain Clinic Survey Urine with Reflex (Mayo)
Pancreatic Elastase 1
Pancreatic Polypeptide
Panorama Prenatal Test
PAP Thin Prep GYN
Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Serum
Parasite Exam Macro- Mayo
Parasite Screen Blood
Parathyroid Intact - see PTH Intact
Parathyroid Renal Impair (Intact) - see PTH Intact
Parietal Cell AB
Paroxsysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Parvovirus B19 AB Panel
Paternity Testing
Pathology FNA
Pathology Slide Consultation
Pathology Slide Preparation
Pathology Special Stains
Pathology Tissue Exam
PB - see Lead
PB Urine - see Lead Urine
PCP Screen - see Phencyclidine Screen
PD-L1 22C3 by IHC (Keytruda)
Pentobarbital Level
Peripheral Blood Review
Pertussis by PCR--See Bordetella Pertussis DNA
Pertussis Panel
pH Feces
pH Fluid
pH Gastric (included in Occult blood emesis or order PH Fluid)
pH PCO2 Venous Mixed
pH Urine Auto
pH Venous
Phagocytosis Oxidative Burst
Phencyclidine Screen
Phenol Urine
Phenothiazine- ARUP retired test Oct 6 2014
Phenylalanine and Tyrosine
Phenytoin Free and Total Panel -ARUP
Phenytoin Unbound - see Phenytoin Free
Phosphatase Prostatic Acid - see Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
Phosphate - see Phosphorus
Phospholipid Antibody Panel
Phosphorus Urine Timed
Phosphorus Urine Random
Pinworm Smear - see Smear Pin Worms
Placidyl - see Ethclorvynol
Plasminogen Activity
Platelet AB Direct - Mayo
Platelet AB Indirect
Platelet Antibody (PLA 1)
Platelet Aggregation
Platelet Assoc AB ID Panel
Platelet Count Manual
Platelet Function Screen
Platelet Pheresis Single Donor
Platelet Pheresis Unit - see Platelet Pheresis Single Donor
Platelets HLA Unit
Platelets Random Unit
PML RARA Quant PCR-Blood
PML RARA Quant PCR-Bone Marrow
Pneumococcal AB Panel
Pneumococcal AG Urine - see Strep Pneumo Ag Urine
Pneumocystis Carninii DFA
Pneumonitis Hypersensitivity Panel
PNH Profile
Poliovirus Antibody Panel (serum neutralization method for immunity)
Porphobilinogen Urine Quan
Porphyrins Feces Quantitative
Porphyrins Quant Random Urine
Porphyrins Serum Total
Porphyrins Total Plasma with Reflex
Porphyrins Quantitative Urine Timed
Postnatal Baby
Postnatal Mom
Potassium Channel Antibodies VGKC
Potassium Feces
Potassium Urine Random
Potassium Urine Timed
Pregnancy Test, Serum Qualitative - see HCG Qual
Pregnancy Test, Urine Qualitative - see HCG Qual Urine
Pregnanetriol Urine
Prenatal Obstetric Panel
Prenatal Quad Marker Panel
Prenatal Triple Screen
Primidone Level
Procainamide + NAPA Level
Progesterone - **STAT ONLY**
Prolactin Macroadenoma (Prolactin Dilution Study)
Propoxyohene Confirmation
Propoxyphene and Metabolite Urine Confirmation
Prostaglandin D2
Prostaglanding E2 Urine
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
Prostatic Specific Antigen- Diagnostic
Prostatic Specific Antigen Screen
Protease Inhibitor Typing - see Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Phenotype
Protein Bence Jones Urine - see Protein Electrophores UR
Protein C Activity (Protein C Functional)
Protein C ACT Resistance
Protein C Antigen
Protein Creatinine Ratio
Protein CSF
Protein Electrophoresis
Protein Electrophoresis CSF
Protein Electrophoresis Urine
Protein Fluid
Protein S Activity
Protein S Free Antigen

Protein S Total Antigen

Protein Total
Protein Urine Qual Auto
Protein Urine Quan Random
Protein Urine Timed
Proteinase 3 Antibody IgG Serum
Prothrombin Gene Mutation PCR
Prothrombin Time - see PT
Protime - see PT
Proximal Nocturnal Hemoglobin - see Cholinesterase RBC
Prozac - see Fluoxetine
PSA - see Prostatic Specific Ag
PSA Cancer Follow Up
PSA Panel, Total/Free
PSA Screen - see Prostatic Specific Ag Screen
Pseudocholinesterase Total
PT INR (St. Mary's Janesville)
PT INR (St. Mary's Madison)
PTH Intact with Calcium
PTH Intact without Calcium (Used for surgical cases also)
PTH with Minerals
PTH N Terminal
PTH Related Protein
PTH Renal Impair (Intact) - see PTH Intact
PTT-St. Mary's Janesville
PTT Inhibitor
Pyridinoline and Doxypryridinoline Urine
Purine and Pyrimidine Panel Urine
Purkinje Cell YO AB -Retired 060613
Pyruvate CSF
Pyruvate Kinase
Pyruvic Acid - see Pyruvate


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