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Test Catalog - F 


5HIAA - see Hyroxyindolacetic Acid
14-3-3 Protein
Factor II Assay
Factor IX Assay
Factor V Assay
Factor V Leiden Mutation
Factor VII Assay
Factor VIII VW Antigen
Factor VIII Assay
Factor VIII Ristocetin Cofact
Factor X Assay
Factor XA Inhibit - see Heparin Assay
Factor XI Assay
Factor XII Assay
Factor XIII Assay
FARR Assay - see DNA AB
Fat Qual Feces Random
Fat Quan Feces Timed
Fatty Acids Profile Essential
Fatty Acids, Long Chain
Fatty Acid Profile Proxisomal C22 C26
FDP - see Fibrin Split Products
FE + TIBC - see Iron + TIBC
Fecal Battery Panel
Fecal Lactoferrin
Fecal WBC Smear
Felbamate Level
Fentanyl Urine
Fetal Cell Stain - see Kleihauer Betke Stain
Fetal Screen - See Postnatal Mom
Fetaldex - see Kleihauer Betke Stain
FFP Unit
Fibrin Degradation Products - see Fibrin Split Products
Fibrin Split Products
Fibrinogen Activity
Fibronectin Fetal
Fibrospect II
Fibrosure- See Liver Fibrosis Panel
FISH BCR-ABL Panel Blood
FISH BCR-ABL Panel Bone Marrow
FISH Deletion 1p19Q
FISH Mantle Cell Lymphoma Panel
FISH MDS Panel- See MDS Panel (SLH)
FISH Multiple Myeloma Panel
Flecainide Level
Flow Cytometry- B Lymphocyte (CD19+) Subset Count
Flow Cytometry- T Lymphocyte Quantitative CD4:CD8 Ratio
Flow Cytometry- T and B Lymphocyte Subset
Flow Cytometry- T Lymphocyte Subset
Flow Cytometry- DNA Analysis
Flow Cytometry- Leukemia/Lymphoma Evaluation
FLT3 ITD AND D835 Panel
Fluorocytosine - see Flucytosine
Fluoxetine Level
FNA Cytology Prep
FNA Pathology
Folate RBC
Folate + B12 - see Vitamin B12 Folate
Folic Acid - see Folate
Follicle Stimulating Hormone - see FSH
Fractionated Estrogens - see Estrogen Fractionate Panel
Fragility, RBC Osmotic - see Osmotic Fragility RBC
Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin
Free Light Chains - see Immunoglobin Free Light Chains
Fresh Frozen Plasma Unit - see FFP Unit
Fresh Frozen Plasma Unit Peds - see FFP Unit Peds
FSP - see Fibrin Split Products
FTA Antibody
Fungal AB Panel
Fungal AB Panel CSF
Fungal Blood Culture - see Culture Blood Fung Isolator
Fungitell- 1-3 Beta D Glucon
Fungus KOH Smear - Janesville only


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