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Test Catalog - C 

 Esterase Inhibitor
C1Q Binding Assay
C3 - see Complement C3
C3 C4 - see Complement C3 C4
C4 - see Complement C4
C-Kit - See Kit Mutations Melanoma
C Telopeptide Beta Cross Linked Serum
CA 125
CA 15-3
CA 19-9
CA 27-29
Cadmium Blood
Cadmium Urine
Calciferol (Vitamin D) - see Vitamin D
Calcitriol - see Vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy
Calcium Ionized
Calcium Urine Random
Calcium Urine Timed
Calculus Analysis - see Stone Analysis Quan
Calprotectin Fecal
Campylobacter Culture
Cancer Antigen 125 - see CA 125
Cancer Antigen 15-3 - see CA 15-3
Candida - see Culture Fungus
Candida AB
Cannabinoids Confirmation Blood
Cannabinoids Confirmation Urine
Cannabinoids Screen
Cannabinoid with GCMS - see Cannabinoids Confirmation
Carbamazepine 10-11 Epoxide
Carbamazepine Level Total and Free Panel
Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 - see CA 19-9
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin for Adult- build in progress 10/06/2014
Carbohydrate Deficent Transferrin for CDG
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Carboxyhemoglobin - see Carbon Monoxide
Carcinoembryonic Antigen - see CEA
Cardiolipin AB Panel 
Cardiolipin IgA
Cardiolipin IgG
Cardiolipin IgM
Carnitine Acyl - see Acylcarnitine
Carnitine Urine
Catecholamines Frac
Catecholamine Fractionation Free Urine
Catecholamine Fractionation Random Urine
CBC Manual Diff -Neonates
CBC w Diff
CBC w/o Diff
CD4 CD8 Ratio Quantitative-See Flow Cytometry
CD55 and CD59 Expression
C difficile Toxin - see Clostridium diff Toxin
CEA Fluid
CEBPA Mutation Analysis
Celiac Disease Reflex Panel
Celiac HLA DQ 
Cell Count CSF
Cell Count Fluid
Cell Count w Diff BAL
Cell Count w Diff CSF
Cell Count w Diff Fluid
Celontin - see Dilantin
Centromere B Antibody
CHIC2 Anomalies 4Q12 Deletion FISH-Blood
CHIC2 Anomalies 4Q12 Deletion FISH-Bone Marrow
Chlamydia IgG AB Panel
Chlamydia IgM AB Panel
Chlamydia Antibody Panel IGG and IGM
Chlamydia Gonorrhea by NAA
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas Aptima Collection Guides
Chlamydia Trachomatis Non-Urogenital
Chloride CSF- build in progress 10/06/2014
Chloride Urine Random
Chloride Urine Timed
Chloromycetin - see Chloramphenicol
Cholecalciferol - see Vitamin D
Cholesterol and HDL
Cholesterol Fluid
Cholinesterase RBC
Chromogranin A Serum
Chromosome + Alpha Fetoprotein AF - see Chromosome Analysis Amnio
Chromosome Analysis Amnio
Chromosome Analysis Blood
Chromosome Analysis BM
Chromosome Analysis ONC
Chromosome Analysis Tissue
Chromosome Fragile X
Chromosome Microarray Pnl
Chronic Urticaria Index
Chymopapain IGE  Test retired Dec 9 2013
Citric Acid Urine
CJD Protein
CK Isoenzymes
C-Kit Mutation Melanoma (Quest)
CL - see Chloride
CLL Panel-See FISH CLL Panel
Clomipramine Level
Clonopin - see Clonazepam
Clostridium Difficile by PCR
Clostridium Diff Toxin
Clozaril - see Clozapine
CMP - see Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
CMV DNA Qual Real Time PCR 
CMV DNA Quan Real Time PCR
CMV Molecular Detection PCR Fluids (aqueous, bone marrow, buccal, tissue, etc)
CMV Viral Culture
CO - see Carbon Monoxide
CO2 - see Carbon Dioxide
Cobalt blood
Cocaine Confirmation Urine (reflex only for ARUP panel screen)
Cocaine + Metabolite Urine
Cocaine Screen
Coccidioides AB
Cold Agglutinin Titer
Collagen Cross Linked N Telopeptide
Collagen EPI/ADP
Collagen Type II Antibodies 
Complement C1 Ester Inhibit I - see C1 Esterase Inhibitor
Complement C1Q Level
Complement C1Q Bind Assay
Complement C2
Complement C3
Complement C3 C4
Complement C4
Complement Total CH50
Compound S
Comp Panel - see Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Connective Tissue Cascade
Connective Tissue Cascade Mayo Algorithm
Cotinine-See Nicotine (Cotinine) Screen Urine
Coombs Direct
Coombs Indirect - see Antibody Screen Indirect
Copper Liver Tissue 
Copper Urine
Coronary Risk Panel - see Lipid Profile
Cortisol Binding Globulin
Cortisol Compound S - see Deoxycortisol-11
Cortisol Saliva
Cortisol Stimulation Panel
Cortisol Free Urine Timed
Coxsackie A Panel
Coxsackie B Panel
CPK - see CK
C-Reactive Protein
C-Reactive Protein HS
Creat/Albumin Ratio - see Microalbumin Urine Random
Creatine Kinase - see CK
Creatine Disorders Panel Urine
Creatine Urine
Creatinine Clearance
Creatinine Fluid
Creatinine Urine Random
Creatinine Urine Timed
Creutzfeldt Jakob Protein
CRP HS - see C-Reactive Protein HS
Cryoglobulin and Cryofibrinogen Panel
Cryoglobulin Serum
Cryoprecipitate Unit
Cryptococcal Ag Titer
Cryptococcus AG
Cryptococcus Ag CSF
Cryptosporidium Screen Feces - see Giardia Cryptosporidium Ag
Crystal Exam, Synovial Fluid - see Crystal ID
Crystal ID
Culture Acanthamoeba/Naegleria
Culture AFB
Culture AFB Blood
Culture Anaerobe Routine Aspirate or Swab
Culture Anaerobe Routine Fluid or Biopsy
Culture Anaerobe IUD
Culture Blood
Culture Blood AFB
Culture Blood Isolator Bacteria
Culture Blood Isolator Fungus
Culture Blood Quantitative Line Eval
Culture Botulism
Culture Chlamydia Trachomatis (ARUP) 
Culture Chlamydia TWAR - See Respiratory Panel by PCR
Culture Diphtheria
Culture Fungus Other
Culture Fungus Skin, Hair or Nails
Culture Fungus Throat-See Culture Fungal Other
Culture Fungus Urine-See Culture Fungal Other
Culture Fungus Vagina-See Culture Fungal Other
Culture GC Cervix
Culture GC Eye/Conjunctiva
Culture GC Rectal
Culture GC Throat
Culture GC Urethra
Culture GC Vagina
Culture MRSA
Culture Mycoplasma Pneumoniae - see Respiratory Panel by PCR
Culture Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma - see Culture Ureaplasma
Culture Respiratory Bronch Wash
Culture Respiratory Nasopharynx
Culture Respiratory Sputum
Culture Routine Amniotic/Vag Pool-See Culture Routine Placenta
Culture Routine Bone Products
Culture Routine Cath Tip
Culture Routine Cervix-See Culture Routine Placenta
Culture Routine CSF
Culture Routine Dialysis Fluid
Culture Routine Endometrium-See Culture Routine Placenta
Culture Routine Joint Fluid
Culture Routine Nares
Culture Routine Placenta
Culture Routine Sinus Respiratory
Culture Routine Vagina-See Culture Routine Placenta
Culture Routine Wound
Culture Staph + Strep
Culture Strep Group A -See also Rapid Strep Group A
Culture Stool-See Stool Enteric Panel
Culture Throat
Culture Tissue Brucella
Culture Tissue Quan
Culture Toxic Shock-See Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxins
Culture Tularemia
Culture Ureaplasma
Culture Urine
Culture Vibrio Stool
Culture VRE
Culture Yersinia
Cutaneous Immunofluorescence
Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide AB IgG
Cyclospora exam
Cyst Fluid Panel
Cysticercosis Antibody
Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screen - see Cystic Fibrosis DNA Analysis
Cystic Fibrosis DNA Analysis
Cytochomre P450 2D6 (CYP2D6) 14 Mutations and Gene Duplication 
Cytology Body Fluids
Cytology Scn + Interp Other - FORT HOSPITAL USE ONLY
Cytospin Report
Cytology Urine - For MARS

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