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Patient Stories - Paul 
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In mid-January, I was told that I needed at least one, maybe two, bypasses on my heart. Since I also had A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillation), they were also going to do a MAZE procedure to get my heart into the right rhythm. Because of an earlier heart problem, I had spent 3 days in St. Mary’s cardiac unit, which made me feel confident about what was coming.

The surgery went as planned and after a few days I was released. It was recommended that I go through Cardiac Rehab. Best recommendation ever. Exercise is always important, but after heart surgery, supervision is critical. You establish goals and the highly-trained staff helps you achieve these goals. Wearing heart monitors and frequent blood pressure checks will hopefully catch problems. One day, a blood pressure check showed I had super low blood pressure. The staff contacted my cardiologist and he adjusted my medication. If I had not been enrolled in rehab, this would not have been caught and fixed.

Because of the care I have seen and received, I have elected to continue in a maintenance program with Cardiac Rehab. I applaud the staff and thank them.


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