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Our Team of NICU Specialists 

Many professionals work together to care for hospitalized newborns. You may meet some or all of the following:

Neonatologist - A physician who specializes in the branch of pediatrics that deals with the diseases and care of newborn babies. Our neonatologists are members of the physician group Neonatal Resources of Wisconsin, Inc., and are not employees of St. Mary's Hospital. Parents will see separate billing from this group after discharge.

Pediatric Sub-Specialists

            Cardiologist – Heart Problems
            Neurologist – Brain and nervous system problems
            Nephrologist – Kidney (urine) problems
            Gastroenterologist – Intestinal problems and nutrition
            Endocrinologist – Glands and hormone problems
            Hematologist – Blood problems
            Opthmaologist – Eye problems
            Geneticist – Chromosomal problems
            Surgeon – If your baby requires surgery
            Anesthesiologist – Will put your baby to sleep if surgery is required

Neonatal Nurse – The person taking care of your baby's day to day needs, developing your baby's care plan, and teaching you to take care of your baby.

Social Worker – The person who will help you with non-medical issues, such as where to stay, insurance, transportation, etc. S/he also provides emotional support, counseling, and discharge planning.

Pharmacist – The person who fills and dispenses medications for your baby.

Respiratory Therapist – A person with special training for care and management of oxygen, breathing machines, breathing treatments, etc.

Occupational/ Physical Therapist – A person with special training in assessing and helping muscle tone and movement problems in babies. 

Hospital Chaplain – A hospital-based religious support person.

Unit Clerk – Individuals who transcribe orders, send blood tests to laboratory, answer phones, stock equipment, etc.

Apnea Management Clinic – The individuals who will educate you and manage your care at home if your baby is discharged with an apnea monitor.

Others – People who clean the nursery, obtain laboratory test, take x-rays, and provide maintenance.

NICU Consultants

Dean Care HMO
Ped Cardiology: Dr. Larry Weinhaus
Ped Gastroenterology: Dr. Michael Yaffe
Ped Neurology: Dr. Mary Dominski
Ped Ophthalmology: Drs. Sarah Groessl, Neil Lucchese, Mansoor Movagher
Ped Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery: Dr. John Noon
Ped Pulmonary: Dr. Don Bukstein
Ped Surgery: Dr. Leonard Go

UW Children’s Hospital
Ped Cardiology: Drs. John Hokanson, Kathleen Maginot,Shardha Srinivasan, Allen Wilson
Ped ENT: Drs. Diane Heatley, Scott McMurray
Ped Genetics: Drs. Richard Pauli, David Wargowski, Jon Wolff
Ped Neurosurgery: Drs. Taryn Bragg and Bermans Iskandar,
Ped Rehabilitatio n: Dr. Deb Macleish
Ped Surgery: Drs. Dennis Lund, Aimen Shaaban
Ped Urology: Drs. John Kryger, Bruce Slaughenhoupt

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