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Our Magnet Journey 

St. Mary’s Hospital is well-known for its nursing excellence

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is the nation’s largest and foremost nursing accrediting and credentialing organization and is a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association. The ANCC implemented the Magnet Recognition Program® in 1990 as a way to recognize and honor health care organizations across the world for superior nursing care and patient outcomes. When health care organizations decide to take the four year long ‘Journey to Magnet Excellence®’, they must undergo a rigorous, self-appraisal to validate they are maintaining the standards of Magnet.

St. Mary’s nurses attained an elite status in 2011 when they were designated as a Magnet® hospital for the third consecutive time. Less than 1 percent of the nation’s 6,000 hospitals have done the same. Well-known as a leader in nursing, St. Mary’s was first designated as a Magnet hospital in 2002. Since then, the hospital has demonstrated the continuous quality improvement that is required of hospitals of this caliber.

St. Mary’s has earned kudos from ANCC appraisers for:

  • Sustaining high patient satisfaction scores.
  • Empowering nursing staff.
  • Building strong partnerships in the community.

Magnet organizations are considered “the gold standard” of nursing

Their emphasis on quality, innovation and collaboration tends to lead to better patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction and a more stable workforce. They are leaders in generating best practices in the industry and have an obligation to share those practices to promote nursing care on a global level.

Magnet hospitals act as a “magnet” for excellence.

Research demonstrates Magnet-designated nursing organizations:

  • Offer an environment that attracts and retains the best and brightest nurses in the profession. Magnet facilities consistently out perform their peers in recruiting and retaining nurses.
  • Employ nurses who continuously develop their expertise as evidenced by high levels of specialty certification rates and high levels of BSN-prepared RNs.
  • Support professional growth and development of their nurses.
  • Have a nursing leadership structure that embraces the value of nurses and empowers them by implementing shared decision making. Research shows that core values such as empowerment, pride, mentoring, nurturing, respect, integrity and teamwork are demonstrated in Magnet facilities.
  • Attract high-quality physicians and specialists.

Patients and others look to Magnet facilities, such as St. Mary’s, as the ultimate benchmark for nursing excellence.

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