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Fran Schlimgen 

Bolts of Fabric:

Fran took on the responsibilities of president of the Auxiliary two times. The first was from 1972-1974 and again from 1980-1982. She remembers a distinct responsibility that she had as president and still looks back and laughs about it today.

Frank Dean as a Volunteer:

Fran remembers Dr. Frank Dean and his love for the hospital and his profession.

Fred Schlimgen:

Fran recalls Father Leo and the interesting way he made friendships with volunteers and others in the hospital.

Hooked on Volunteering:

Fran has volunteered at St.Marys for over 40 years and had developed such a passion for what she does. She can’t imagine her life without the experiences and friends she’s made along the way.

Grey and Pink Ladies:

Fran explains the difference between the Grey and Pink Ladies and the love she had for the pink uniform.

Nursery Line Up:

Fran remembers how different it was when new mothers would be in the hospital for a week to ten days.

Thoughts on being a Volunteer:

It’s been the best part of Fran’s life and has received so much satisfaction from the hours she has spent within St.Marys.

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