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Dr. Brian 

It started when BRIAN was a preemie in our NICU...
Born eight weeks early, he was whisked from his south central Wisconsin hospital to St. Mary’s for advanced care in our regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Doctors gave Brian a 50% chance of survival.

Dr. Brian holds a picture of himself as a preemie while surrounded by nurses who took care of him in the NICU in 1976. They remain his colleagues at St. Mary’s today.

He spent the next few weeks fighting to survive. His parents traveled to Madison as often as possible to see him, but relied on daily updates from St. Mary’s nurses for reassurance. With specialized care from our NICU team, Brian triumphed, and was able to go home to his family four weeks earlier than expected.  

Over the years, Brian excelled in academics and took on every challenge that came his way. He ultimately found his calling in medicine. During his residency, he cared for families with pre-term labor and felt a special connection with each because of his own family’s experiences. He realized he could help relieve the anxiety and decided to specialize in caring for women during their high-risk pregnancies. 

Brian’s life has come full circle. As a Dean Clinic physician, he now works in the same medical group and at the same NICU that saved his own life. As a newborn, he was a fighter. Now, he’s helping other families fight through challenging times.

Watch Brian's story.

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